17th March 2017

MACBETH Summary Act 2

Act 2, Scene 1 Summary,
Characters: Banquo, Macbeth, Fleance
Location: A Courtyard within Macbeth’s Castle
Time: Night, Midnight
Events: Banquo cannot sleep so he walks around the castle, he meets Macbeth, they speak about the witches and how they spoke truths, Banquo tells Macbeth of how he is Loyal to Duncan, The bell rings and Macbeth goes to murder Duncan.
Quote: ‘Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?’ -Macbeth

Act 2, Scene 2 Summary,
Characters: Lady Macbeth, Macbeth
Location: Courtyard inside Macbeth’s Castle
Time: After Midnight
Events: Lady Macbeth has knocked out the King’s guards with wine and put their daggers where Macbeth can use them against the king, Macbeth returns from murdering Duncan, he has blood on his hands, cannot say ‘amen’, Macbeth accidently brought the daggers with him so Lady Macbeth says she will take them back, there is knocking as Lady Macbeth returns and Macbeth regrets the crime he has committed.
Quote: ‘Methought I heard a voice cry ‘Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep” -Macbeth

Act 2, Scene 3 Summary,
Characters: Porter, Macduff, Macbeth, Lenox, Lady Macbeth, Malcolm, Donalbain
Location: A courtyard within Macbeth’s castle
Time: In the very early morning Morning
Events: Castle porter opens the door, Admits Macduff and Lenox, he jokes about alcohol, Macbeth comes in, shows Macduff where Duncan is sleeping, Lenox describes unnatural events the previous night, Macduff enters and cries that he discovered Duncan being dead, Lenox and Macbeth go to see Duncan just as Lady Macbeth enters, Macbeth and Lenox comes back and is in shock, Malcolm and Donalbain are told of Duncan’s death, Blamed the bodyguards, Macbeth killed the guards, Lady Macbeth faints, Duncan’s sons privately disscus their fears.
Quote: ‘O!’ -Malcolm

Act 2, Scene 4 Summary,
Characters: Old Man, Rosse, Macduff
Location: Outside the Castle
Time: Morning maybe
Events: An old man and Rosse talks about the King’s murder, Unnatural events such as horses eating each other, There has been an eclipse, Macduff tells them that the King’s sons have been accused of bribing the guards, Macbeth has gone to Scone to be crowned, Rosse wants to go to the Coronation.
Quote: ‘A falcon, towering in her pride of place, Was killed by a mousing owl hawked at, and killed.’ -Old Man

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