28th February 2017

MACBETH Summary Act 1

Act 1, Scene 1 Summary,
Characters: The Three Witches
Location: An Open Place
Time: Unknown (before the end of the battle)
Events: The witches plan to meet again after the battle is over. They plan to meet Macbeth on the Heath
Quote: ‘Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair’ – paradox

Act 1, Scene 2 Summary,
Characters: King Duncan, Malcom, Donalbain, Lenox, Captain, Rosse
Location: A camp near Forres
Time: Unknown (The end of the Battle)
Events: A battle has happened. King Duncan wants a battle report. A captain is wounded and tells Duncan off Macbeth’s bravery, how he killed the rebel Macdonwald and then fought off an attack from the Norwegians. Rosse tells the King the Norwegians were defeated and Thane of Cawdor is a traitor. King sentences him to death and gives title to Macbeth.
Quote: ‘Worthy to be a rebel, for to that The multiplying villainies of nature Do swarm upon him’-Captain

Act 1, Scene 3 Summary,
Characters: Weird Sisters, Macbeth, Banquo, Angus, Rosse
Location: A Heath near Forres
Time: Unknown (after the battle)
Events: One Witch speaks of the trouble she has caused to a sailor because his wife was rude to her. Witches predict that Macbeth will be King. Banquo wants to know his future, witches say his descendants will be kings. Rosse and Angus arrive and tell Macbeth he is Thane of Cawdor. Macbeth surprised that Witches prediction was correct and thinks about killing Duncan.
Quote: ‘Speak then to me, no neither beg nor fear Your favours nor your hate.’ -Banquo

Act 1, Scene 4 Summary,
Characters: Duncan, Malcolm, Donalbain, Lenox, attendants, Macbeth, Banquo, Rosse, Angus
Location: Forres, a room in the King’s Palace
Time: Unknown (after the battle)
Events: Duncan personally thanks Macbeth and Banquo for defeating the rebels, announces his oldest son (Malcolm) is the heir to the throne, Macbeth is unsettled about this announcement, doesn’t want anyone (himself included) to know what he wants to do (become king), Duncan is going to go to Macbeth’s house, Macbeth is going to arrive before him to tell his wife.
Quote: ‘Stars, hide your fires! Let not light see my black and deep desires; The eye wink at the hand, yet let that be, Which the eye fears, when it is done, to see.’-Macbeth

Act 1, Scene 5 Summary,
Characters: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Messenger
Location: A room in Macbeth’s castle
Time: Unknown (after the battle)
Events: Lady Macbeth reads a letter explaining the weird sisters prophecy from Macbeth, Lady believes Macbeth is to kind to kill Duncan, She wants him to be King and wants to give him the courage, She is excited the King will stay with them that night, She asks evil to assist her to kill the King, She wants Macbeth to act innocent.
Quote: ‘Which fate and metaphysical aid doth seem To have thee crowned withal.’ -Lady Macbeth

Act 1, Scene 6 Summary,
Characters: Duncan, Malcolm, Donalbain, Banquo, Lenox, Macduff, Rosse, Angus, Lady Macbeth.
Location: Outside Macbeth’s Castle
Time: Unknown
Events: Duncan arrives with the others, Lady Macbeth welcomes him, Lady Macbeth brings them into the castle.
Quote: ‘The castle hath a pleasant seat; the air Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself Unto our gentle senses.’ -Duncan

Act 1, Scene 7 Summary,
Characters: Macbeth, Servants, lady Macbeth
Location: Kitchen (?)
Time: Before Dinner
Events: Macbeth has doubts about killing the King, is family and he has done nothing wrong, Macbeth tells his wife they cannot proceed, Lady Macbeth says he is a coward, Lady Macbeth said she would kill her own child rather than break a promise, Macbeth is convinced by Lady Macbeth, They must act innocent
Quote: ‘To plague th’ inventor: this even-handed justice’ -Macbeth

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